5 Trees That Require No Maintenance

When you want to plant trees and make your landscape more beautiful and attractive, you don’t just go for any tree. Some trees require too much attention that they will give you too much work than the beauty you are seeking. Some trees drop large branches, others produce sticky gums or thorns, others shed eaves and make the whole landscape look dirty. On the other hand, other trees have more benefits and require very little attention. Some give shade, fruits, and a cool area to relax and enjoy the fresh air. Considering trees that require no maintenance will give you an easy time changing your landscape. Here is a list of trees that need little or no maintenance.

No maintenance trees

Colorado Blue Spruce

The evergreen colorado blue spruce does not just require no maintenance, it also provides enough shade and privacy. The blue spruce may also grow to impressive heights, even more than 70 feet. Make sure to plant it more than 20 feet away from your home give it room for growth and reach this height.

Colorado blue spruce will not bother you with constant pruning.

Autumn Blaze Maple

For a blend of beautiful colors, consider the autumn blaze maple. This tree is popular in the fall for its bright yellows and red colors all up and down the streets. It is a cross between the northern red maple and silver. It requires low maintenance and stays in check by itself. This tree can also adapt to a dry environment and can grow with little watering. It is ideal in your front yard to enhance your fall foliage.

Netleaft Hackberry

The netleaft hackberry is a relative to the netleaf, but it is comparatively smaller and ideal for domestic growth. It produces small berries that often stay on the tree during winter, minimizing debris.

Although on average it normally grows under 20 feet, it can achieve an impressive height of up to 50 feet.

Native Americans used the hackberry tree species as medicinal and food. They used to boil the bark of the tree and use it to regulate menstrual cycles, and to treat venereal diseases.

Chinese Fringe Tree

The Chinese Fringe tree has all the features you could want from a tree on your landscape; a nice and pleasant sweet smell, quick growth, flowers, resistance to diseases, and durability. With just 25 feet tall, the Chinese Fringe tree will dominate your landscape with its subtle features that always draw attention. The height is also ideal for a perfect shade without towering over the house. It also no attention and does all the beauty in the yard by itself.

Mountain Alder

The mountain alder also called the thin leaf alder will enhance the privacy of your yard without overpowering it. It grows up to a height between 10 and 15 feet with leaves that flourish between April and August. The good thing about this tree species is that it can complement any landscape and make it more attractive and beautiful.

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