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While there may be more than a few tree trimming and removal services in Pleasanton, California, there are none that are as trustworthy and reliable as Evergreen Tree trimming and removal service. We know all the details needed in the tree care industry and can use this knowledge to ensure that you receive the best services possible for our valued customers.

Our team has been offering tree service in the local area for several years and we are working to keep improving all aspects of the tree care services that we offer. We are considered a full-service tree care company and provide services for both commercial and residential properties. Our team takes pride in all the positive feedback we have received from our clients.

We are considered the premier tree care service in all of Pleasanton and are proud that residents and business owners in this area come to us for all their tree related needs. Our comprehensive services are designed to ensure the appearance and health of your trees are improved.

We are dedicated to offering the highest quality services to ensure the end results exceed your expectations. Regardless of what type of tree care you need, we offer it. We provide everything from tree removal and tree trimming to general tree maintenance. We are ready to meet all your tree needs, regardless of how complex they may seem.

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Tree Removal

There are several reasons you may need to invest in our tree removal services. For example, if your tree is damaged, decaying, or dead due to ice or snow, or any other cause, you need to have the tree removed right away. Also, if your tree is a threat to any nearby structure, such as the roof on your home or the power lines, then the tree should be taken down as soon as you can set up an appointment. If there’s no option to restore the tree successfully, then taking it down is the best option. We have the right equipment to handle this task so that you can put your trust in us with confidence that it will be done.

We also understand that each tree removal process is unique. That is why we will create a carefully laid out plan before we begin taking the tree down. There are many factors that must be considered during a tree removal project. This includes things like the age of the tree, species, location, and nearby structures. Once we are confident that everything has been considered, we can begin the removal process.

Tree Trimming

Another important part of tree care is tree trimming, which is another service we offer our residential and commercial customers. Unfortunately, there are many home and business owners who overlook this important part of tree maintenance, which is why they are often left with unhealthy and unsymmetrical trees.

The trimming process is crucial because it is going to remove dead limbs or branches that make a tree appear unattractive or that make it hazardous. If your tree isn’t trimmed, the growth may be stunted because there are some limbs that should be taken down, while others need to be kept to grow and help the three thrive. Additionally, if your trees aren’t trimmed, they may cause serious damage to property nearby. We also use trimming as a way to restore a tree’s shape and ensure it does not overgrow.

Unlike trees that are growing in the forest, if you have trees in your landscape, you need to invest in tree trimming services. That’s because they may begin to grow excessively and begin competing with trees nearby to reach the sun. This can result in trees becoming overgrown, which may hinder your smaller plant life from growing properly.

Tree Trimming
Evergreen Tree Trimming and Removal Service

About US

 You don’t have to try to find a different, individual service for all your tree-related needs. That’s because we offer them all for you. With our team of trained professionals, you can feel confident that we use the latest and safest tree cutting and climbing methods to provide quality work effectively and efficiently.

We value safety when taking on any project, which is why we provide licensing and insurance documents to each client. This will give you peace of mind that if an accident does occur, you will not have any liability in the damages or injuries.

You have to understand that the majority of homeowner’s insurance policies are going to deny your damage claims if you did not maintain a tree. It doesn’t matter what your tree needs may be, we can handle the job in a safe and efficient manner.

Our team uses top-of-the-line equipment to finish all your needs. Each of the pieces of equipment that we use is an integral part of ongoing tree care. We use only the best trucks, wood-chippers, and other tools to ensure that our process provides the desired trees. Remember, our services are not exclusive to just residential customers. No matter what type of property you have, you can feel confident we will take care of your tree needs equally.

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Why Us?

If you need tree services, for any reason, be sure to contact us today. Our team can service any residential or commercial property in or around the Pleasanton area with an array of tree care and maintenance services.

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We also offer tree inspections if you aren’t sure the proper steps to take, along with emergency tree service. You don’t have to search around for a different service for tree trimming or removal, as we provide the care and tree solutions you are searching for.

In addition to helping with the removal or maintenance of your existing trees, we also offer tree planting, tree Pruning, and other plant health care services. Our goal is to help ensure your plants have the opportunity to grow and thrive while remaining healthy and beautiful throughout the year. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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