Why trim trees?

There are many reasons to trim the trees. Through trimming is generally done for:

  1. To remove the storm damaged or diseased branches of the tree
  2. To make the crown of the tree thin for new growth and more air circulation
  3. To reduce the height of the tree
  4. To omit the lower branches making obstacles
  5. To give the tree a proper shape for design purposes
  6. To remove the particular parts of the tree which can be a potential reason of accident in the future

Once you made the decision to trim the tree then next are whether or not to do this job yourself. Depending on the tools as well as experience you have regarding this matter, you can either do it by yourself or call experts. Sometimes it is better to hand over the work to experts because they are skilled, experienced and has insurances. You should never compromise your safety.

Tree trimming cost

The tree trimming cost depends on which parts you want to trim, whether you are interested in hiring a professional for this work, which tools you need for trimming etc. If you want to make the landscaping look amazing, then you should trim and prune your trees regularly. It helps to remove the unwanted, dead or broken portions of the tree which can be dangerous for both your family and the tree.

The tree trimming cost varies from 75 dollars to even 1000 dollars. But, if you are doing it yourself then the cost will be at or around 50 dollars.

Hiring a professional can cost you a bit more. While hiring professionals for tree trimming then most of the homeowners ask about the price, but it is never possible to answer right away because the cost depends on various factors, like the type of the tree, height, and width of the tree, etc. Shorter than 30 feet will cost you 75 to 450 dollars, 30 to 60 feet will cost you 150 to 875 dollar and more than 60 feet will cost you 200 to 1000 dollars. Ask the total charge inside out before hiring a professional for the work. And, if you are doing it yourself then get all the necessary tools you need for trimming the tree along with proper safety measures. DIY tree trimming costs less; you will be able to complete the whole process in around 40 to 50 dollars. It is better to trim the small trees but in the case of the tall ones, call for professional help.