Tree Service

We are in Tree service business for quite sometime now and I think it is a good time to help others who wants to start venturing into tree service business, we found this article very useful when we started our business. Evergreen Tree Trimming and removal service – Pleasanton CA, tree service guide

Thanks to “Jeere G. Lewis and Leslie D. Renn” for their excellent work to the community by their book “How to start and manage a tree service business” – A practical way to start your own business. This books has in-depth techniques and requirements for starting a tree service business. Here is a little snippet from the book

There are many, many small businesses in America. Small businesses can have as few as one worker (the owner) or as many as four workers. A small business owner is “self-employed.” Often a whole family works together in a small business. 

The owner of a tree care service is often known as an arborist or tree surgeon. 

What Does a Tree Service Do?

 If you had a tree on your property that you wanted trimmed, cabled, or removed and you couldn’t do it yourself, you would call a tree service. Most tree services do other things, too: 

feeding trees, by putting tree food in the soil or directly into the tree with 


trimming and shaping trees, by cutting off branches that are dead or off balance; 

pruning fruit trees, to encourage a large crop; 

removing fallen trees, by sawing them up and removing the stumps; 

mending diseased or rotted trees by removing the bad part and filling the hole with a special mixture; and 

spraying trees with pesticides by using automatic spraying equipment; this requires a special license. 

Who Will Be Your Customers? 

Your Customers, or “clients,” will be homeowners, apartment owners, business owners, and city governments.

Is There Room for You? 

Your competition will mainly be other tree services and pest control companies if you do pesticide spraying. As long as people have trees around their homes and businesses, there will be work for you. You will have to pick an area that does not have a lot of other tree services, an area that has a lot of trees, and an area where people can afford tree care. 

Skills You will need to:

 • climb trees in order to do almost all of your work;

 • know all about the care, feeding, pruning, and removal of trees;

 • be able to handle chainsaws,pruning shears, ropes, cabling wires, and other equipment; and 

• run your small business 

While these may seem like a lot of skills, you can learn by working with a person who knows the tree service business. There are also college courses you can take, such as horticulture, arboriculture (the study of trees), and urban forestry. 


 Few people decide to go into business for themselves without having worked in that business Owners of tree services were almost always workers first, for four to six years. 

Personal Qualities 

People who run tree services have to like trees, high places, and handling powerful equipment. They have to do bookkeeping and advertising, buy their equipment, and hire their workers. 

How to Compete Well Or, Service Is the Name of the Game

 As a tree surgeon, you are selling your knowledge, skill, and experience. Your “product” is the service that you give. Customers expect their trees to look better and be healthier when you leave. You may want to just trim and prune when you first start out; but to be known as “the tree people” in your area, you will probably have to offer a complete range of tree care services. 

Getting People to Come Back to You 

If you think about what you would like if you were a customer of your business, you will probably be able to offer good service. In general, people like to know exactly what the workers are going to do, and they like to get what they pay for. Except for the improvements, they like their place to look as if no one was ever there. They like people to start and finish at the time they said they would. 

Legal Requirements 

There are many legal requirements for owners of small businesses. Contact your state business licensing agency to learn about the laws for a tree service. You must keep tax records, have damage and liability insurance, and follow safety regulations. 


A tree service removes, feeds, prunes, and mends trees. You can develop skills for this business by working with a good tree service and by taking courses. Before you start, check federal, state, and city laws and be fully insured.