Concord, CA has been awarded for its trees many times over. That is an illustration of the commitment the community in the town has towards protecting the environment. It does require support at the community level to maintain trees. Individual house owners who have trees in their backyards rely on the agencies offering tree service in the city. At Evergreen Tree Trimming and Removal Service, we help with tree trimming and tree removal apart from any other activity related to trees in Concord.

Tree Trimming in Concord

Trees require regular care and maintenance. When there is a haphazard growth or when the branches overarch and affect traffic, you must have them trimmed. We offer the best tree trimming service in Concord with our professional services. Just give us a call or fill in a few details on our website and we will depute our representatives to come and make an inspection. After surveying the spot and having discussions with you, we will send our quote for the tree trimming job. Up to this point, we won’t charge you a dime.

tree trimming concord
Tree Trimming in Concord,CA

On the day you have scheduled, we will reach your place at the appointed hour with our men and gear. For perfect tree service, we will bring the appropriate tools and tackles. Trimming may involve climbing the trees and using the ropes and pulleys to avoid the trimmed parts falling on the road. Care should be taken if there is regular traffic or people moving in that area.

One aspect of the tree trimming activity is the disposal of the cut branches and wood. The tree service companies will usually charge you extra for this. However, if you want us to bring a wood chipper along and convert the wood into mulch, we can do it for free. We will separate the leaves and allow them to dry which you can dispose off with your other garbage. The mulch will be useful in spreading in your yard as part of the landscaping and maintenance activity.

Tree Removal in Concord

When a tree in your backyard gets damaged due to the weather or pests, you must have it completely removed from its base. Tree removal is a big job and the tree service agency will have to be called in. Before doing that, you need to check if the tree you plan to remove is a protected tree. The city of Concord has a list of protected trees that cannot be removed without express permission from the city authorities. As a reputed tree service company, we will be able to guide you on this since we are better informed.

Tree removal has many dimensions to it. The main activity will be to start cutting the tree from the top and then cut away the entire tree. The stump has to be removed too, especially if there is decay in the roots. Leaving it may result in the trees around it also getting spoilt.

Tree Removal in Concord,CA

You can depend on a reliable tree service agency like us to handle the complete tree removal process. If the quantum of mulch generated is too high for your needs, you should explore alternate arrangements. If you hire just any random Concord tree service company, you might end up looking for a different company to take away the excessive mulch. If you hire Evergreen Tree Trimming and Removal Service, you don’t have to look elsewhere for extra services. We would remove everything from your place before leaving and make sure your yard is as clean as it was before the tree removal or trimming task.

Emergency Tree Service in Concord

You may need emergency tree service when trees fall due to a storm. Trees can fall suddenly due to heavy winds and can also damage the roots. If the tree falls on your house or on the road, you will have to summon the tree service agency immediately. They will have a 24/7 team for such eventualities and do the needful. They may handle the emergency tree service in two lots. First, they may cut and remove the portions of the offending tree to save your home or to clear up the road. They can then come back to complete the job including tree removal.

Some General Facts on Maintenance of Trees in Concord

If you live in Concord, CA and have a lot of trees around your place, you should equip yourself with some basic knowledge about them. Trees add to the beauty of the place and offer multiple advantages to a homeowner. They are also a bit expensive to maintain. The weather changes can also affect the trees. If you own the house or you are living as a tenant, it is your responsibility to take care of the trees.

You can engage the support of a good tree service agency like Evergreen Tree Trimming and Removal Service in Pleasanton, CA to do this.