Tree Maintenance

Qualified arborists in Tri-valley area, recommend tree trimming and maintenance within Commercial, Residential and High Traffic areas such as near roads and buildings, to avoid any damage that may arise from dangerous branches and falling trees.
Regular tree maintenance by qualified and experienced arborists will ensure that your trees do not cause any damage to you or your neighbors.

The benefits of tree maintenance include:
• Maintain the good health of your trees through regular pruning
• Palm cleaning removes bugs and cockroaches, avoiding infestations
• Stop blocked gutters and downpipes by removing overhanging branches, bark, leaves and twigs.
• Pests and disease can lead to dead branches and should be removed to avoid accidents.
• Clearing Trees from Power lines
• Tree trimming also improves appearance.

Each and every tree is unique and poses a unique set of circumstances for its owner and anyone wanting to maintain or remove a tree. Our tree maintenance services include:


Dead-wooding is the process of removing old dead, weak and crossing branches that are no longer needed by the tree to maintain health. Performing Dead-wooding and dangerous branch removal is necessary on trees were there is a risk of branches failing and causing damage to structures and people.


Crown lifting and reduction involves the removing of lower branches to gain tree height and allow better access below. All cuts must be made to suit Australian standards in order to give the full benefit to tree health and add maximum time before anymore trimming maybe needed. This will increase the flow of light and air through the trees crown, and reduce the safety risks to people and property whilst encouraging strong, new growth.


Trees like all living things are constantly growing and changing in size shape and structure. Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning of all trees and shrubs is required to contain and manage their future growth. Controlling growth allows us to manage and contain trees to the areas we want them to grow in, in a safe way that suits our everyday life. Trimming of trees and pruning of Trees can improve the value of your property by increasing views and making your property more visually appealing.


All palms require cleaning of some form. The Cocos palm requires dead frond and seed removal on a regular basis. This will greatly improve the safety and aesthetic appeal of your palm. Dirty Palms can be very dangerous when shedding dead frons unexpectedly as they sometimes weigh over 7kg and may fall from over 18 meters high. The Palm seed bunches and pods can also fall and weigh over 20kg, this could be quite dangerous to children and animals.

Removal of the dead palm fronds, seed bunches and pods is required to eliminate vermin such as rats, mice, snakes, cockroaches, spiders and even feral cats

Evergreen  Tree Services gives you a personalized tree service that meets your needs and budget. We choose to work with well-maintained, late model machinery and have adequate experience to handle any aspect of tree maintenance.

To organize Dead-wooding, crown lifting or reduction to have your trees trimmed or pruned or any dangerous branches and trees removed from your yard before they become a problem call the team.