Land Clearing, Stump Grinding and Wood Chipping

We offer more than Tree Removal and Tree Maintenance. We can also assist you with other services relating to the trees or stumps on your land and property. We can also assist you with:


We are the experts when it comes to cost effective land clearing services. Whether you have just purchased a block of land and need to have it cleared, are planning on installing a swimming pool and require ground preparation services, landscaping your yard or clearing a site of vegetation for future construction – when you decide to clear your land, the process can be challenging.

Although you may have an idea of what to do, it is advisable to seek the services of a professional land clearing company to maintain safety on your site.

Attempting to clear a site your self can be dangerous and may not yield the best results. Land clearing is a professional service that requires specialized machinery and specialist knowledge. We will provide you with effective vegetation removal services to give you a suitable space for your project. If you would like to see how our specialized land clearing machinery works,

We offer the best advice on various aspects relating to land clearing services and land clearing safety standards. When it comes to scrub clearing, bush clearing, vegetation removal, building site clearance or fire outbreak clearance, leave it to the experts


We use late model stump grinding machinery to remove unsightly tree stumps following tree removal. Our stump removal services will assist you in preparing the ground for lawn seeding or landscaping without damaging any of the surrounding trees and plants.

We have a variety of stump grinders and other machines to suit any application. As best practice – tree stumps should be removed from the ground to avoid issues that can occur during the construction of pathways, patios and driveways. Dead tree stumps can also harbor fungi and insects that may affect the surrounding environment or other plant life.

Benefits of professional removal of stumps & root balls include:
• Dead tree stumps may be a tripping hazard in your yard. The removal of root balls will minimize injury hazards.
• Modern stump grinding machinery operated by a stump removal specialist will achieve precision stump removal results.


When a tree or branch falls, it is often difficult to remove it. We offer a wood chipping service, which takes large pieces of trees or branches and turns them into Wood chips.

Wood chipping is required to process the green waste of tree removal and tree pruning. It eliminates costly dumping fees and turns useless tree waste into a usable bi-product that can then be dealt with in a cost effective manner.

We have the ability to chip trees and logs with a diameter of up to 20 inches. The wood chips, also called Mulch, is blown directly into the rear of a specially designed truck, which can then load it off site or leave on site for the customer to use as mulch on their gardens.