Dublin Tree Removal

Dublin has several tree removal companies, but a few of them have a good reputation and are qualified to be trusted for your tree removal needs. Among them is the Evergreen Tree Trimming and Removal Service. We are the best tree care service providers in Dublin and have created a great reputation with businesses and residents who are our clients.

Our trained and skilled team is determined to make sure that your tree is given the proper care it needs for perfect growth. We will also help you remove decaying trees from your properties and remove the danger associated with such trees being nearby properties.

Tree care has several advantages and it should be a normal activity that you should consider doing in your yard and within your property.


Importance Of Tree Care

Trees are a great investment and have great benefits for you. Having trees on your property adds beauty to the environment. Healthy properties also increase the value of the property.

Healthy trees also cleanse the air around the premises and provide shade during the dry season.


Maintaining and caring for trees contributes to their health and extends their lifespan.

How to care for the trees

Trees need to be cared for in order to be healthy. Here is how you can care for the trees and keep them healthy.

  1. Watering: Just like any other plant, trees need water when it has not rained for quite some time. Mature trees will just need an inch of water every week, while new trees require 4-10 gallons every week when growing.
  2. Mulching: Mulching helps in preventing the soil around the tree from drying. It also prevents the lawnmowers from damaging their roots.  Remove grass growing underneath a new tree and apply up to 4 inches of mulch.
  3. Fertilize: Applying a slow-release fertilizer on your trees will help them grow in a healthy condition.
  4. Pruning: Pruning helps remove the dead or extra branches and keep the tree healthy, allowing it to grow perfectly. Conduct tree pruning when the tree has grown to many branches. Clear out the dead branches during summer to prevent them from falling on properties and cause damages.


Involve Experts To Boost Your Trees’ Life

Evergreen Tree Trimming and Removal Service has been offering tree trimming services in Dublin for several years and we have built a great relationship with the residents.

We focus on delivering the highest quality tree care services that exceed your expectations.

For any tree care service that you need, we are the go-to place. We provide all services from tree removal, tree trimming, and general tree care.


If you think your needs are so complex to be met, then reach out to us. Our team of professional experts is equipped with the right equipment to ensure all the process is conducted smoothly without any hitch.


Contact us today for your tree removal and tree care services, and let us remove your worry about any tree care service. We will handle your situation professionally and with the utmost perfection.

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