How much does my Oak trees Worth and how to measure the value of Oak trees?

Money grows on trees. A profitable tree is a growing opportunity for property owners interested in maximizing the profit potential of their land.

There are more than 400 species of Oak in the world and more than 80 in North America, where it is one of the mainstays of American hardwood forests. Since pioneer days, Oaks have provided food dyes and timber and vast quantities. Though it’s easier to identify Oak species from the shape of leaves, you can also identify them from their bark’s color and texture, which varies widely from one species to another.

An oak tree in a timber sale can be worth 15 cents a board foot for pallet material quality up to $1.20 per board foot for high-quality logs.

Are my big oak trees worth money?

The Worth of your oak tree depends on the quality and the size. A dead tree cannot be considered since they are weak and not suitable for any work.

But your healthy large oak trees may be valuable to timber harvesting companies that sell them for lumber. The giant trees supply a greater volume of wood that is milled into board siding and framing materials.

Initial plan

it would be best if you determined what you want to sell, making sure that the trees are actually on your property and are legally yours to dispose of. Prospective buyers are usually more interested in more giant Oak trees as they produce more clearly than smaller trees, States the Missouri Department of Conservation.


Investigate the market to learn the demand for Oakwood and what the going rates are. Generally speaking, the larger Oaks you have to sell, the more you can charge, as it costs less to harvest a more significant number of trees than just a few.

Consider where your trees are located, as that can affect the price based on distance and amount of effort needed for harvesting and transportation.

Expert insight

The US. Forest Service recommends contacting your state’s Forestry Service or a local University for help in determining the value of your Oak trees.

White Oaks

White Oak is an excellent timber species that are in high demand these days.  A stand of good quality white Oak is worth a lot of money and is a great wildlife tree.

However, if your goal is to have lots of deer on your property, mature timber does far less good than thick low growth and food plots.  I recommend selling some high-value oaks and using the income to create food plots, hunting trails, and create low food and cover for wildlife.

Most Valuable and Fastest growing oak trees

Scarlet Oak – Southern United States

Pin Oak

Red Oak – Eastern Canada

Live Oak – Southern United States

English Oak – Northern Europe

Looking to earn money from your land?

Tips for selling timber

 You’ve been eyeing that chunk of woods on your property for a while now, thinking it might be time to cut it. Maybe it’s always been there throughout your lifetime, and you’ve heard a lot about the benefits of cutting trees. But you’re just not sure how to start or whether it’s even a good idea.

Inevitably, one of the first questions you will ponder is, “How much are my trees worth?” There are several steps involved in selling timber, but there is a lot of professional advice you can seek for it. The biggest thing to remember is that you generally can’t undo a large-scale forestry operation within your lifetime, so it’s critical to take your time and do it the right way.

 Here are some tips to follow not to get burned!

Taking the first steps towards selling your timber can be daunting, but there are many professional resources available to help ease the process. There are several steps involved in selling timber, but you can seek a lot of professional advice.

It is important to remember that you cannot undo a large-scale forestry operation within your lifetime. So, it’s critical to take your time and do it the right way.

Step 1; One of the first steps in selling timber is to find out how much your timber is worth. There’s no easy answer to how much timber value your property holds because there are so many variables at play, including species, age, current timber prices, quality of trees, availability, and interest of loggers in your area.

Step 2; If you want to estimate how much you can earn, you should consult professional Forester state agencies, nonprofit conservation groups, and private consulting companies. Have a professional tree maintenance service who can help. Once a professional Forester has inventoried your property and prepare – timber management plan, they can often connect you with loggers and timber buyers in your area who possess the right equipment and expertise to tackle the layout of your land.

Evergreen Tree Service

Here are a few things you can do as a homeowner to care for both young and mature Oaks:

*Proper mulching


*Trimming (pruning)

*Managing common Oaktree health issues

*Having a certified arborist come out and examine your Oak’s health

To determine the volume of the tree, we need to take two measurements, its diameter, and its height. A once we know both of those, we can use a volume table to determine the board foot in this tree.

Tree diameter

Tree diameter in forestry is measured at four and a half feet above the ground. The aforementioned is sometimes referred to as DBH. It is not the same as caliper, a diameter measurement used in horticulture, which is taken at six inches above the ground Measuring DBH and a single stem tree is relatively easy, but what do you do with something like this? The point for diameter measurement for a tree on a slope is on the uphill side at four and a half feet. A leaning tree is along the upper side of the lean at four and a half feet on the lean.

The diameter is read directly off the scale. Still, since trees are round, it’s usually a good idea to take them to two different locations and the average of the difference. A Biltmore stick is a straight stick scaled for direct measurements of DBH. The stick is held horizontally against the trunk but at 25 inches from the eye. One end of the stick is lined up with the trunk’s edge, and the other edge of the trunk is used for the diameter measurement.

Tree Height

Tree height can be estimated by a stick that is held at arm’s length to the eye. Face towards the tree and hold the stick, so your fist is about one foot from the base of the tree. Rotate the stick from the eye to a vertical position by holding it at arm’s length. When the top of the stick is even with the top of the tree, the distance on the ground between you and the tree is equal to its height. Running a tape from the trunk to this point will give the height. Running a tape works best if the tree is less than five percent lean.

The height of a saw log is where the tree forks, the first branch occurs or to crook. Saw logs are generally measured to 12 or 16-foot lengths. The high-value wood, such as walnuts, may be measured in bolts 8-foot lengths. Using this, measure tree diameter and heights so you can calculate wood volume. Once you know these basic measurements, you can use a volume table to turn the board foot volume in the tree.  This way, you can estimate the value of your tree.

10 Magnificent Oak Tree Facts

1.The Pechanga Great Oak Tree is the oldest in the United States and maybe even globally. It is thought to be nearly 2,000 years old.

  1. Only one in 10,000 acorns will become a full-grown oak tree.
  1. A tragic 2019 fire destroyed Notre Dame’s ancient oak frame. The enormous 12th-century oak trees were from primary forests, of which hardly any are left in Europe.
  1. Raw acorns contain tannins, which have a bitter taste and can be toxic to humans. However, leaching (soaking or boiling) the tannins will make the acorns safe to eat.
  1. An oak tree produces about 10 million acorns during its lifetime.
  1. Druids ate acorns, believing that they had prophetic qualities. The word “druid” comes from the Celtic word for “acorn.”
  1. Koreans make edible acorn jelly called Dotori-muk.
  1. In Harper Lee’s iconic novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, the oak tree outside of Boo Radley’s house symbolizes friendship and the way kindness can thrive despite difficult circumstances.
  1. Because acorns only ripen on adult oak trees, they are often a symbol of patience and endurance.
  1. The National Geographic Society designated The Emancipation Oak in Virginia as one of the most important trees in the world. In the 1860s, Mary Smith Peake broke the law when she taught African American adults and children how to read under the oaks’ branches.

As one of the most beloved trees globally, the Oak supports a complex ecosystem that includes humans and a great source material that benefits the property owner.

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