Our Services

We are Arborists offering various tree service, we care about our neighborhood and trees make our community prosperous.Our service areas include Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, Livermore, Sunol, Danville.  

The world today is heavily populated with human life, if you look closely human life is completely dependent on trees. We care about trees, Humanity and the World. GO GREEN. We believe having enough trees in the cities builds an ecosystem which is appropriate for human dwelling. Also for the Kids, trees are fun places to play.

When it comes to tree services, there are various things we can do to help the trees. Some of them are listed below:

Emergency tree care : we are just a phone call away, any emergency situation can be handled with our expertise. From simple branch breakage to storm damage emergencies. We access the condition and decide on a course of action. Acting immediately during emergency is smarter,  don’t wait until crisis hits. Rain or shine call us.

Tree pruning: Pruning is an important part of the tree maintenance. Pruning basically involves clearing the dead branches. This helps the tree grow healthier. Unnecessary pruning has a negative impact on the growth of the tree. Pruning can be done for getting more sunlight and air circulation to the tree crown.  Preventive pruning is a routine tree maintenance task for us.

Tree inspections: Sometimes your property could be at risk due to a dangerous trees nearby. Our Tree Inspection will analyse symptoms from the trees and help plan a solution. Most times the solution is to work on trimming or pruning the tree but sometimes we may have to take the sick tree down.

Tree planting: Planting more trees help the environment. Go Green is our motto and we strongly encourage planting more trees. Having said that we also help in tree planting as well. We do inspect the soil and recommend trees which are right for the soil conditions and sunlight availability. Fruit trees are nice to have in the bay area, citrus trees are easy to grow and need less maintenance. Find the Tree and Shrub Buyer’s checklist here

Growing more trees is what we work for, call us and we can help you.

Plant health care: Tree health is another factor which cannot be ignored, we have trained Arborist in staff who can access the root cause of the health issue and set of actions to save the tree. Sick trees are no different than humans. When the trees need doctors our Arborist team can take care of them. Watering the trees is the key.

Tree thinning: the process of thinning down the trees in a landscape. If you have a bunch of trees in your backyard,  they will compete to grow bigger. In this process your most valuable tree may not grow effectively. Tree thinning is a process of giving an opportunity to your preferred tree and thin down others in the landscape. This requires expert view on the landscape and analysis.

Deep root fertilization: fertilizing the tree roots which are deep and cannot absorb the manure is called deep root fertilization. Soil needs nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Out of this nitrogen and potassium are easily absorbed by top tree roots. But Phosphorus does not move down quickly, deep root fertilization is a process to help tree roots absorb the needed nutrients.

Stump removal: stump removal is a tedious process of the tree removal, if the stump was left behind then there are chances the tree may start to grow from it. We follow various methods to remove stumps, one of them is stump grinding. Some other methods take upto 6 weeks, which involves rotting of wood with potassium nitrate.

Stump grinding: stump grinding is one of the techniques used for stump removal. There are various tools which helps with stump grinding, this could be an interesting process when dealing with red wood trees. 

Tree trimming: The process are trimming the tree helps get rid of any dead branches and clean the tree from any potential threat to the passers by. Tree growing in the cities needs to be appropriate and safe for humans, it should not look like the ones growing in the jungle. Sometimes the tree trimming process is vital for tree growth.

Tree removal: Usually the city demands an approval for removing a tree, we can get the approval from the city council and help you with the process. Especially in Pleasanton getting an approval could be really challenging because the city won’t approve a tree removal unless it is absolutely necessary. After we have the approval, we work on laying out a plan of action, we clean up after the removal. This is a hard job for us mentally, because we don’t want to take down a tree. We will try our best to save our trees.

Tree shaping : If the tree is growing and blocking the walkways or something, Shaping the tree is the option to help the tree grow as desired. Sometimes the tree grows in the direction of sunlight, in that case making source of sunlight should make the tree grow straight.

Tree doctor service: We are trained to handle sick trees and identify the root cause of the problem and rejuvenate the tree life and enhance the growth. A sick tree can be easily found by following some of the symptoms it exhibits.

Certified Arborist in staff : We have a certified Arborist in Staff and can provide with professional advice when it comes to tree service.

We are proud that we are based out of Pleasanton CA, because the city treats its trees same as its residents. Our motto is to keep our neighborhood green and provide our customers with top quality family tree service. we are passionate about what we do.

Evergreen tree service uses advanced technologies and techniques in handling trees and providing tree care. Sometimes handling a large tree could be lingering problem in your mind, keep your mind free by calling us. It won’t hurt to get a free quote from us. We will try to match our competitors pricing. Finding tree service near me could be a challenge. Follow the link for more information.

Our Other Service include tree Land Clearing, Stump Grinding and Wood Chipping