Pleasanton Farmers Market

Evergreen Tree Trimming and Removal service take pride in their home town and the old town culture cherished for years. Pleasanton Farmers Market is one of the cities identity.

Pleasanton celebrated its 125th year anniversary. We are proud to be part of the city with great history.

One of the very famous events which happens every Saturday in Pleasanton is the Farmers market, which is being visited by thousands of people from around the bay area and tourists from around the world.

 Here is more information about farmers Market.
46 W Angela St, Pleasanton, CA 94566
(925) 825-9090

Why Pleasanton Farmers Market?

  •  Nice selection of produce and fun to run into friends.
  •  Good variety of produce and good quality
  •  Great selection of vendors
  •  Nice Saturday morning event for families.
  •  Wide range of fresh produce.
  •  Great organic produce and beautiful flowers.
  •  Great atmosphere!
  •  Year-round farmer market
  •  More Stalls and great varieties of fruits and vegetables.
  •  Well organized, great quality and variety.
  •  Not too crowded
  •  Very clean and organized
  •  Amazing live music
  •  Supports local farmers
  •  Healthy and organic options
  •  Friendly customer service (nicely receiving customers)
  •  Easy Parking access (parking on either sides of the market and more street parking)
  •  environment friendly market.
Pleasanton Farmers Market – Courtesy

What can I get in Pleasanton farmers market?

  • Fresh food and snacks
  •  Fresh seafood and meat stalls
  •  Honey, eggs, pastries stalls
  •  Smoked and fresh/frozen fish stall
  •  Hot roasted chicken vendor
  • Homemade raviolis vendor
  •  Oakdale Cheese vendor
  •  Popcorn, kettle corn vendor
  •  Flower vendors
  •  Locally grown beef and pork vendor
  •  Local Herbs vendors
  •  English Peas vendor
  • Rotisserie chicken vendor
  •  Organic pistachios vendor
  •  Asian vegetables vendors
  •  Micro-greens
  •  Soap and essential oil stalls
  •  Olive oils & vinegars
  •  Jams & jellies
  •  Baked goods
  •  Nuts vendors
  •  Falafel lunch stall
  •  Local designer jewels stall
  •  Infused oils
  •  Spreads & sauces
  •  Knife sharpening vendor
  •  Balloons for kids

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