Pleasanton Big Tree

In this article, I am mainly going to focus on the big tree next to main street where Concert in the park is held every year. I call it Pleasanton Big Tree because just looking at the tree makes one see how small is human life. This tree is like a symbol of the city, acts as a landmark for many. 

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Pleasanton is home to some of the big tree in the bay area.  In general, Northern California trees are famous for its massive size and magnificent look. We have thick woods around us, it is obvious because we have forest fire almost every year during late summer.  

City of Pleasanton preserves its trees and protect them with at most care. City also has a strict policy around tree removal, unless it is absolutely necessary, city won’t approve any tree removal. Residents have to seek permission before bringing down an old tree.

Redwoods (grow to 50+feet tall, 3-4’ across) are very common in and around Pleasanton, some of them are nearly half a century year old.  These are some proud moments for the residents, just to say that we preserve our trees for years. But older and bigger trees need more maintenance.

I don’t know how many birds nest are there in the big tree, I am sure there is a eagle nest which is a unique scene,  eagles when they come home they make lot of sound flapping their wings. Also they always chose tall trees for their nest.

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Farmers Market

Farmers market every Saturday brings a lot of people to Pleasanton, to be more precise bring people together under this one large tree. A FUN place to hang out throughout the year. Every season brings in various color to the city and our trees are an important reason for it.  

Concert in the park

Concert in the park series in summer time is one of my favorite things to do in summer. I always hangout under the big tree and let the kids play in the creek next to it. It is an event which gives an opportunity for humanity to spread love as a community.

Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park

Pleasanton ridge regional park is home of lot of rare trees and a nice hiking spot for the residents. It has a creek flowing which give an experience of being with the nature on a vacation. Perfect place for summer hike,  family friendly trails with more thick woods. 

Ken Mercer Sports Park

Ken Mercer park in the middle of Pleasanton is home of California redwoods, some of them adds beauty to the park and gives enormous shade for the games in summer.  Redwoods are huge, let’s not cut it by saying it may harm the foundation of the house. They are harmless, as long as they are not near your house.

Conclusion :  

As a tree service company in Pleasanton, we take pride in saying our city has the greatest number of trees in the bay area (among the cities with similar geographic area).  We also take a moment to acknowledge our fellow city residents who takes all the effort to grow and maintain trees.

Keep Pleasanton beautiful and green by preserving the trees and enjoy some of the old legacy trees of the city. We need at least 5-10 human hands chained together to give the big tree a hug.  Imagine the size tree, I am talking about here. If you not Pleasanton resident, make a visit to see the BIG TREE.   

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