SONOMA CA – Dry Garden

Dry Gardens are the need for the day in california, we took SONOMA CA as a case study and found this interesting article in the book called “DRY GARDENS” by “Daniel Nolan”


Some of the most successful gardens are not about man’s control over nature, but instead, how man responds respectfully to his surroundings. Perched on a hilltop that overlooks the Sonoma Valley, amid the forest of manzanitas and redwoods,  this home’s open plan is designed to catch the commanding views,  not impede them.

 Native and drought-tolerant grasses mixed with olives and Arctostaphylos manzanita are planted against the home and blend seamlessly into the fields, intentionally blurring the line between wild and planned. The pool-situated at the edge of the hill-reflects its border of tall grasses which directs the viewer’s eye out to the valley and beyond.

An atmosphere of tranquility prevails throughout the property-there appears nothing to prune or clip. The wilderness has nearly returned to the front doorsteps, asking nothing more than to be viewed and left alone.


Some do not naturally see the romance of the drought-tolerant aesthetic, but a visit to Scribe Winery in the foothills of Sonoma will convert even the most reluctant.The experience begins as you are led up a driveway lined with mature palms, which subtly reinforce the order of the vineyards that surround on both sides.

The winery’s charming farmhouse lies at the top of the driveway, and its gardens ramble down the side, pertumed by Salvia clevelandii, artemisias,  and rosemary, mixed with grasses and California lilacs. It’s these uniquely contrasting combinations that enchant-the dark lavender of the prickly pear next to the white roses and tan grasses.

 A mix of dusky colors and tactile textures invite you to deeply inhale their scent and linger for hours on the patio, perhaps with a glass of wine, as you watch the sun slowly set in the distance.

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