Safe Tree Removal

Some of the dangers of unmanaged trees include the following:
Severe weather conditions can bring down trees causing damage to people, property and pets.
Deep-rooted trees on your property can interfere with your underground pipe work, leading to serious plumbing problems.
The roots may also uplift concrete paths and driveways, causing serious damage.
When trees crowd your compound, their falling barks, leaves and twigs may block your gutters and downpipes, leading to poor water flow.


Cutting down of a tree or shrub to a point as close to ground level as possible leaving only a stump is known as Tree Lopping or Felling.

When choosing a Tree Lopping or Felling company it is important to select a reliable, local tree service company, like Evergreen Tree Service. Choosing us ensures that all safety standards are followed during Tree Removal and Tree Felling Process to avoid unnecessary damage and injury. We pride ourselves in offering safe tree removal, adhere to OH&S rules and regulations and are fully insured in the unlikely event that an accident occurring.


We are experts at tree removal in confined spaces, using a range of industry approved techniques and equipment to safely and efficiently remove dangerous and unwanted trees. Using experienced climbers, cherry pickers, rigging techniques and cranes to safely remove trees in tight situations is not a challenge for us.


An emergency from a dangerous tree can happen anytime, day or night and not just in a storm.

Unforeseen structural weakness and internal damage from insect attack, fungal disease, physical weakness, drought and windy weather conditions can cause trees to split, drop large tree branches and even fall over without notice.

This is why our tree services has an emergency service 24/7. Our rapid response unit is always ready to swing into operation.


We all tend to forget about trees and pay them little attention until an emergency arises, usually during or after a storm. Most residents of SE Qld are aware how unpredictable our storm season can be and meteorologists have forecast another bad summer to come. So don’t wait until it’s too late, remove that problem tree today.

If you notice a tree on your property that is showing signs of disease, wood rot, instability or is a potential hazard it is advisable to have it inspected and possibly removed. Call Us Today

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