The Two Best Methods for Tree Removal

There are many techniques for tree removal. Knowing the best method to use will depend on the size of your tree as well as the site where it currently stands. Before any move is taken to remove the tree, it it necessary to evaluate whether any buildings, homes, or utility poles will be affected by the entire process. The main methods for tree removal are the cut-and-fell method and the cut-down method.

Cut-and-Fell Method

If the area that surrounds your tree is pretty much the same as the height of the tree that you wish to take down, then the cut-and-fell method for tree removal is the perfect one to use. All you need to do is to cut the tree trunk as low as you can (as near to the roots as possible), and just direct the tree to topple in the direction that you want. This method will save you a great deal of labor and will even yield long lumber that you can sell or use. If you are cutting a tree that is at least 10 feet, have a work partner help you with the procedure for safety purposes.

Cut-Down Method

If the space around the tree is not suitable for the cut-and-fell method, you will have to make use of the cut-down method for tree removal. Cut down the branches of the tree by climbing on the tree, or use a ladder. After taking down the branches, work your way over to cut the head of the trunk, then proceed to cut its remainders into manageable pieces.

Stump Removal

After the tree removal process, you will be left to deal with its stump. There are a variety of ways to get rid of it. You can either manually dig around it to get as much of the tree roots as you can, or you can rent a mechanical stump grinder to remove the stump up to to a feet below the ground.

Getting a tree removal does not require you to actually hire a professional and spend lots of money. With a little effort, patience, and perseverance, you can do this procedure successfully on your own.

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